Is Last Week Tonight on tonight, August 20th, 2017?

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Is John Oliver going to be back on tonight with an all new episode of Last Week Tonight? We have the answer for you right here at Last Night On!

If you are here reading this, then you want one question answered. If John Oliver going to be back on TV tonight with an all new episode of Last Week Tonight? I won’t keep you in suspense anymore and I will go ahead and get to the answer.

Well, the good news here is that YES, there will in fact be a new episode on tonight! Oliver will be bringing his biting thoughts with him on tonight’s show, so you aren’t gonna want to miss out.

Be sure to tune in tonight, however, because Oliver is about to go on another short break. After the new episode, Last Week Tonight is on hiatus until September 10. He won’t be back next week, so let’s enjoy tonight’s show!

It’s very fortunate he hasn’t gone on his break yet. I’m curious to see Oliver provide his take on white supremacists and Trump’s controversial defending of them. You can be sure he’s going to be bringing it up tonight.

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So just for the quick recap, yes, John Oliver is back on tonight with an all new episode. But although Season 4 of Last Week Tonight still has a few more shows left to go, it goes back on another hiatus after tonight. Oliver won’t be back again until September 10, so be sure to enjoy tonight’s show!