Stephen Colbert reviews General Kelly’s White House job performance

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Stephen Colbert is talking about how the new White House chief of staff General Kelly is doing in the wake of Donald Trump racism allegations.

Isn’t there supposed to be somebody keeping Donald Trump in line?

Last night on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert asked that very same question. He notes that many people are wondering this after the latest blunders of the president. Donald Trump has said some horrible things in response to the neo-nazi rallies and the murder of a young woman in Charlottesville. Wasn’t General John Kelly supposed to keep Trump in check in his role as the chief of staff?

Colbert reveals that Kelly might already be out the door. According to The Washington Post, it seems that Kelly’s run in the job is already coming to an end. It really is staring to seem like Survivor in the White House at this point. Or perhaps The Celebrity Apprentice would be a better comparison.

The Late Show hosts expresses his frustration in Kelly’s run ending so quickly. “The TIME magazine with his face on it is still on our office coffee table!” Colbert says, holding up the actual magazine for the camera as proof. Most hilarious of all, the cover refers to Kelly as “Trump’s last hope”, and it’s dated August 21, 2017 — which hasn’t even happened yet!

You can watch the video below courtesy of CBS on YouTube.

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