Stephen Colbert: Both sides are to blame for zombie apocalypse

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Poking fun at the way Donald Trump says “both sides” are to blame for a Nazi murdering a young woman, Colbert applies the same logic to The Walking Dead.

Donald Trump apparently has this “Will he or won’t he?” attitude when it comes to condemning Nazis. He refused to condemn their actions after one of them violently attacked a group of counter-protesters, killing one in the process. The best he was able to do was say “both sides” were to blame — as if this poor woman were partially to blame for her own murder.

Trump’s logic is obviously ridiculously flawed. For those of us with brains, there’s a clear difference between Nazis and those fighting for equality-for-all. But just to show just how lame-brained it all really is, you can apply that logic to other things with hilarious results.

On last night’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert presented a video from “the zombie apocalypse”. It features a “resistance leader and zombie sympathizer”, someone that, like Trump, is trying to take both sides. How can someone be the leader of a zombie resistance, and yet, at the same time, sympathize with the zombies? It doesn’t make sense, but as this hilarious actor shows, it’s funny to imagine.

You can watch the hilarious bit in the YouTube video below.

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