Stephen Colbert labels Donald Trump as ‘racist grandpa’ president

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Donald Trump has been getting a lot of praise from white supremacists and Nazis, and as Stephen Colbert points out, he’s a little too comfy with that.

According to Stephen Colbert, Donald Trump has achieved another American milestone… he is the first “racist grandpa” president of the United States!

In the past several days, we’ve all heard about the controversy between white supremacists and their counter-protesters. When an angry racist wound up murdering one young woman and wounding many others, President Trump made things worse by refusing to condemn the white supremacists. He infamously said there was blame on “both sides”, further adding that some “very fine people” were a part of the alt-right movement.

As you can expect, the late night comedians have been ripping Trump to shreds. But, really, they’re only saying what every decent person should already be thinking. Whether or not you voted for Trump, anyone has to see that sympathizing with Nazis after one of them murdered somebody is a terrible thing for any president to do.

On last night’s Late Show, Colbert kept the heat on Trump by talking about his soft spot for the Aryan Brotherhood. He spoke on Trump’s inability to condemn the Nazis’ actions, only doing so days later “begrudgingly”. Colbert then shows clips of Trump doing all he can to defend the white supremacists: claiming they’re only supporting their “heritage” and clinging to the fact that they had “a permit”.

“Oh, Mr. President, there is only one thing I no longer have any doubt about: you showed us who you were,” Colbert says, prompting a loud reaction from the audience. Colbert then talks about how members of Trump’s staff are shocked to see him express these beliefs so publicly. He can’t help but compare him to that “racist grandpa” stereotype so many of us are embarrassed by. “No, grandpa, you can’t say that in public!”

You can watch the bit in the video below.

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