Seth Meyers says ‘lying racist’ Donald Trump showed us his true colors

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On Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, Meyers put the ‘lying racist’ president on blast, saying Donald Trump has exposed his true self.

Has Donald Trump shown everybody who he “really is”, Scooby-Doo style, with his recent comments about white supremacy and the Charlottesville tragedy? Seth Meyers is saying yes, taking to his “A Closer Look” segment on last night’s Late Night to highlight Trump’s controversial handling of the situation.

First of all, let’s recap the story real quick, in case you just emerged from your bomb shelter. Aryans, Nazis, KKK members and other assorted white supremacists have been having “White Power!” rallies a lot lately. Things took a turn for the worse last Saturday when one of them murdered a counter-protester, and Trump compounded the controversy by saying “both sides” are to blame.

On his show, Meyers first brings up Trump’s cold response, adding that it took two days of nonstop pressure for him to read a scripted statement basically saying, “Nazis are bad.” But as Meyers shows, cracks of the real Trump started to come back out very soon after. Myers shows a clip of a reporter asking why it took Trump so long to condemn the Nazis, the president nearly blew a gasket, and his reply literally ended with Trump saying, “You’re fake news.”

Meyers moves on to how Trump would then retweet an image of a train plowing into a man with the CNN logo spliced in over his face. Seems extra tasteless when we consider how a domestic terrorist just drove his car into a crowd of people just a matter of days ago. After getting some flak, Trump deleted the tweet, and a White House spokesperson said it was posted “inadvertently”. On that note, Trump also retweeted someone saying that the president is, quote, “a fascist”.

And Meyers is only getting started at this point — he spends the next several minutes roasting Trump into a dark orange crisp. This includes Trump making the hilariously false claim that when he makes a statement, he has to make sure it’s “correct”. It’s hilarious from start to finish and you can watch the whole thing below.

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