Jimmy Kimmel reads responses to his anti Donald Trump rant

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After delivering a very powerful message pleading with Donald Trump voters to admit they were wrong, Jimmy Kimmel read some Twitter replies on his show.

After Jimmy Kimmel put the ball into the court of Donald Trump supporters, it was their turn to speak… and the certainly did!

If you missed it, Kimmel recently spoke about the controversial position Trump has taken in the aftermath of the tragedy in Charlottesville. White supremacists had been spouting their “White power!” motto in the streets, and one of them murdered a counter-protester by driving a car into a crowd of people.

In the aftermath, Trump blamed “both sides” for the violence, coming off as a Nazi sympathizer. It surely didn’t help that he said there were “very fine people” in the alt-right movement, and that the “alt-left were no better than violent, hateful Aryans.

This prompted Kimmel to delve into a speech about 12 minutes long on his show, completely dissecting Trump’s campaign and presidency. He understands the appeal Trump had on some voters, but with all that’s been happening, it’s time for his supporters to man up and finally admit they were wrong about this guy.

On the newest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy then read some of the replies he’s received from Trump voters. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be changing any minds. The replies consist of comments like “stop crying on TV” and “does Baby Jimmy want his bottle?” For his part, Kimmel actually gets a kick out of the responses. He follows up with a faux interview with Kellyanne Conway to do some “damage control” on all of this nonsense.

You can watch the full video below.

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