Stephen Colbert condemns Nazis (because Donald Trump wouldn’t)

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Donald Trump seems to be having the struggle of his life condemning hateful white supremacy groups, but that’s OK, Stephen Colbert will do it for him.

When Nazis show up are start causing trouble, you condemn them. Seems simple enough, right? And then if said Nazis are even touting your name, another sense of urgency comes in. It officially becomes your responsibility to denounce these hateful people.

Well… President Donald Trump didn’t get the memo.

Kicking of his monologue last night on a much more depressing note, Stephen Colbert spoke about all of this nonsense with white supremacists in this country. Of course, he brings up the rally in Charlottesville where multiple people lost their lives. It’s a truly terrible situation all the way through, and Colbert admits that it’s hard to know how to express how this makes him feel.

“But here’s one things that’s not hard to express,” Colbert adds. “Nazis are bad!”

The late night funnyman is, of course, referring to Donald Trump’s hesitancy to denounce these violent and hateful racist groups. On Saturday when the people were looking to the Commander-in-Chief for support, he said something controversially stupid instead. Trump said that he condemns the hatred being shown on many sides — shifting the blame from the Nazis.

Colbert says what the rest of us sane people are thinking, informing Donald that you can’t truly condemn something if you’re not saying who did it or what they did. It’s not like he isn’t blunt about calling out everything else he hates. Or, as Colbert puts it:

"“If only the president was as mad about neo-Nazis murdering people in the streets as he’s been about Hillary Clinton, The New York Times, CNN, Joe Scarborough, Kristen Stewart, the cast of Hamilton, Diet Coke, Nordstrom’s not selling his daughter’s clothes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan, me, the state of New Hampshire, Gold Star families, Penn Jillette’s Las Vegas show, the movie Django Unchained, Meryl Streep, and lady Ghostbusters.”"

Watch Colbert show just how easy it is to condemn Nazis in the monologue below.

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