‘Gotham’ actors talk about Penguin and Riddler rivalry in Season 4

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It seems like there are big things ahead on Gotham with the feud between Penguin and Riddler, as their respective actors are teasing so in new interviews.

The war between Penguin and Riddler on Gotham is far from over!

If you’ve been watching FOX’s Batman origin series, you know that things got a little, well, personal between these two seminal villains. They started out as allies that massively respected and admired one another. But when Penguin started admiring Riddler a little too much, things took a turn and now the two are mortal enemies.

Though both have taken turns trying to kill one another, both are still standing. And the war will have many more battles to go before it’s over, according to both Robin Lord Taylor (who plays Penguin) and Cory Michael Smith (Riddler).

Here’s Taylor on the Penguin and Riddler rivalry and what to expect in Season 4, via ScreenRant:

"“We know that Ed escapes and that is an extremely terrifying moment for Oswald because, again, Oswald when he’s at his lowest its when he has no control. Nygma is the only person who could meet Oswald on his level in terms of intellect and cunning. Now that he cannot control him anymore it’s terrifying and threatening to him.”"

To go along with what Taylor had to say, here’s Smith teasing more of the feud:

"“I think that there will always be respect between the characters. I think their relationship was so personal and intimate, I don’t know that there’s another character that understood Ed the way that Oswald did and I think vice versa. So I think there’s such a connection there and such a fear of the other and a respect of the other that that will constantly be there.”"

It seems these two will always be squabbling with one another. Yet, at the same time, I’m betting neither actually wants the other to die. Both are too proud to admit it, but the respect they still have for each other is obvious.

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Gotham will return to FOX with the Season 4 premiere on September 22, 2017. Will you be heading back to Gotham City to witness the war between Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma?