Game of Thrones: Top 10 most shocking moments from episode 704

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4. Brienne of Tarth becomes Arya Stark’s new trainer

Another reunion happens on this show, this time between Brienne of Tarth and Arya. Initially, Brienne shows how much she admires Arya’s new dagger. Though she isn’t wanting to take the credit, Brienne did play a big part in keeping Arya safe on behalf of Catelyn, so the Stark family would be very proud of her.

Arya mentions that she needs some additional combat training, as it’s been a like time since she has been formerly trained. But she doesn’t want anyone else in Winterfell to train her. Arya reminds Brienne that it was she that defeated the Hound. So if anyone is going to train Arya, it’s going to be Brienne. After that, Brienne accepts to take Arya under her wing.

With Littlefinger and Sansa watching from above, Arya and Brienne engage in a swordfight. Brienne is surprised at the moves Arya already seems to have. But Brienne is a badass herself, taking Arya down as well. Clearly these two are going to be a great match. Again.

After the min training duel, Arya notices Littlefinger watching from above. He nods at her, but it’s clear from the look on her face she does not trust this man.