Game of Thrones: Top 10 most shocking moments from episode 704

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6. Jon Snow still refuses to bend the knee for Daenerys

Jon Snow calls for a meeting with Daenerys, as he tells her he wants to show her some things. First, he brings her into the cave where all of the Dragonglass can be seen. Truly, it’s a magnificent sight, so much so that it even makes Daenerys pause. Jon tells her that there’s more there than he will ever need, informing her he’s really grateful for the help.

But, that’s not all! Jon tells her that he has something else he wants to show her as well. He leads her to an area of the cave where several strange markings adorn the walls. He says that the “children of the forest” made them. And they had been put there long, long ago… as Daenerys says, long before there were Starks or Targaryens or Lannisters.

Jon is amazed by how much these people would have had to work together at that time just to survive. With the Army of the Dead coming, he’s sure they’re all going to have to do this again now. Daenerys starts to finally believe him, telling him that she will fight for the North and give Jon the backup he needs against the White Walkers… so as long as he bends the knee.

However, Jon fears what his people would do should he do so.