Al Gore takes shots at Donald Trump on Real Time with Bill Maher

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Former vice president Al Gore stopped by Real Time with Bill Maher to promote his new film, taking a couple shots at Donald Trump in the process.

Al Gore has spoken… and President Trump isn’t going to like it!

On last Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the former vice president stopped by the studio for a face-to-face interview. Years after releasing his controversial “global warming” movie An Inconvenient Truth, Gore is back at it with a second chapter he’s calling An Inconvenient Sequel — which was what he came onto the show to promote.

As Maher talks to Gore, the topic of his film comes up, which is, of course, the subject of climate change. Maher asks Gore about the go-to excuses Republicans always throw up to avoid talking about it. As Maher suggests, people say we shouldn’t do anything about it because, A.) China isn’t; B.) It’s bad for the economy; and C.) the science doesn’t back it up. Gore is quick to label all three of these claims as bogus.

Maher then talks about how Trump throwing himself another rally recently, promising West Virginians that we were “gonna go back to the mines.” The Real Time host is baffled by this, saying that coal mining has gotta be the worst job in the world. Gore points out that it was actually the coal industry itself along with the emergence of natural gas that shut down much of that industry, and what we should be doing is giving these workers the training they need to switch into green energy jobs.

Bringing Trump back up again, Maher asks Gore about the decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Accord. Gore discusses the conversations he’s had with Trump before and after he won the general election. “I thought actually there was a chance he might come to his senses,” Gore says, before adding, “I was wrong.”

Gore mentions that he was afraid at first when Trump announced the US withdrawal, fearing other nations would do the same. To his pleasant surprise, however, the next day saw all of the other world’s nations actually “double down” on this thing.

You can watch Maher’s complete interview with Gore in the video below.

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