Colbert hilariously spoofs Donald Trump’s Facebook ‘news program’

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After Donald Trump an embarrassing “news program” on his official Facebook account, Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show to mock it relentlessly.

If the mainstream media is “fake news”… then what do we call the Donald Trump-controlled “news program” recently debuted on his Facebook?

Yes, for those unaware, this is now apparently a thing. As Stephen Colbert pointed out last night on The Late Show, Trump has launched his very own “news program” on the internet. “Now, that looks like state-sponsored propaganda…” Colbert says, before letting the sentence just end with a long, awkward pause.

Hilariously enough, however, this “news program” (I just can’t call it that without putting it in quotations) is hosted by Lara Trump — Donald’s daughter-in-law. “Isn’t being married to Eric [Trump] a full time job?” Colbert jokes. “Those velcro shoes don’t fasten themselves.”

Colbert then admits he watched the broadcast, comparing the low level of production quality to watching a woman speak in front of a tarp. To Colbert, Lara Trump speaks as if she’s just reading Trump tweets from a teleprompter. But what’s most amusing to him is how she ends the segment, saying, and I quote, “I’m Lara Trump, and that is the real news!”

That actually rings a bell for Colbert, who points out how he’s been doing a parody news segment called “Real News Tonight” which makes fun of Donald Trump. So in light of this “coincidence”, Stephen Colbert says he is bringing Lara Trump onto the show as a special correspondent.

In the bit, actual footage of Lara from her “news program” is spliced into a new “Real News Tonight” segment. Despite the two anchors on Colbert’s joke show being clear, over-the-top caricatures, Lara Trump has zero problems fitting right in.

Check out the full “Real News Tonight” segment in the YouTube video below.

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Will we see more segments of “Real News Tonight” in the future? Just keep watching Colbert to see! The Late Show airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST on CBS.