Bill Maher wastes no time destroying Donald Trump in new monologue

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On his first night back on Real Time from vacation, Bill Maher wasted no time at all taking down Donald Trump in his new monologue.

How do you catch up on a whole month of Donald Trump blunders after taking a vacation from your talk show? Apparently, you just dive straight into it!

Last night on HBO, Bill Maher finally returned from his month-long vacation to host Real Time. Right from the start of his monologue, he notes how amused he is that Trump is taking his vacation just as soon as Maher is returning from his. Maher jokes that he can’t even imagine a Trump vacation: “I mean, he spends all his time golfing, eating cake, tweeting stupid sh-t… what’s a vacation for him, lapsing into a coma?”

Maher then talks about how, in the past, the White House had always publicly released a list of book titles the president will supposedly be reading while on vacation. The Real Time host gets a huge kick out of the fact that, this time, they didn’t even try to pull that one over on us. “We are the most full of sh-t people in the history of the world, but there are limits,” he imagines them as saying.

The Maher Man is on fire as he keeps right on going, highlighting Trump’s alleged comments that the White House is a “dump”. Maher pretends to be baffled by the comment at first, leading to him to joke: “When I think of a dump, I think of a place that’s full of rats, that’s leaking… oh, wait…”

It just keeps continuing, as Maher touches on many of the other Trump controversies going on. Clearly, he had a lot of catching up to do. You can watch the entire Real Time monologue below courtesy of HBO.

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