Better Call Saul: Bryan Cranston teases possible cameo

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Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is teasing the potential return of Walter White in a cameo appearance on the spin-off series Better Call Saul.

Could Heisenberg be heading back to AMC?

While Breaking Bad can never be duplicated, Better Call Saul has really come into its own. While using some of the same characters, it feels completely different, in a great way. That’s why the series is up for several awards at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

But Vince Gilligan isn’t forgetting the show’s roots, as evidenced by all the Breaking Bad characters to show up thus far. We’ll probably see even more as the show heads into Season 4, but fans can’t help but wonder… will Walter White ever appear in the show?

In a new interview with, Bryan Cranston teased the idea a little bit. When asked about the possibility of reprising his role as Walter White for Better Call Saul, Cranston had this to say:

"“Would I do it? And the answer is yes. And the reason I would do it is because I’d do anything that Vince Gilligan asked me to do. ‘Wash my car?’ You bet.”"

Of course, with Better Call Saul being a prequel series, it’d be hard to work in Walter White at this point. Perhaps it will be more logical to pursue that when the show catches up to the Breaking Bad timeline. I’m completely for bringing Walter into the series, so as long as it makes sense. And I know Vince Gilligan is thinking the same thing.

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Better Call Saul will be back with all new episodes when Season 4 premieres. We don’t have a date as to when that will be yet, but it’s likely to come in early 2018. Tune in to the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards to see if it brings the gold home to AMC!