Game of Thrones: 10 biggest moments from ‘The Queen’s Justice’

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5. Tyrion believes Jon Snow’s stories and offers to help

Like most people, Daenerys isn’t quick to believe the tales about the Army of the Dead. The Night King might as well be the tooth fairy for all she is concerned. Trying to merely convince Daenerys to believe in the white walkers isn’t going to work, which Jon broods about outside while he ponders his next move.

Meeting him outside is Tyrion, who had also stepped out to brood. Tyrion admits to Jon that he does believe him about the white walkers, because he trusts in the word of an honest man. But Tyrion also knows Daenerys isn’t going to blindly help him, as it’s just too much to ask of her.

So that’s when Tyrion ponders if there may be some other way he can help Jon. Sure, he’s not going to flat out persuade Daenerys to go along with Jon Snow. But finding some middle ground, Tyrion has a proposition to start their alliance another way…