Game of Thrones: 10 biggest moments from ‘The Queen’s Justice’

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7. Cersei gets her revenge on Ellaria for Myrcella’s death

Because of Ellaria, Cersei lost her only daughter after that sly poisoning. Through Ellaria’s eyes, Myrcella was no innocent victim, merely because she was a Lannister. But as cruel as Cersei might seem, her soft spot has always been her children, and losing Myrcella crushed her.

Now, Cersei has Myrcella and her surviving daughter both tied up. First, Cersei has some fun mocking Ellaria, talking about her lover Oberyn’s death. She then sets her yes on Ellaria’s daughter, taking delight in how she’s probably the “favorite” one. With this in mind, Cersei was able to think of the perfect way to get revenge.

Unfortunately for Ellaria, Cersei was able to determine the poison used to kill Myrcella. Using the very same poison, she transfers it to Ellaria’s daughter with a kiss. Ellaria, of course, knows what’s coming and can only sink to her knees, with the gag leaving her unable to speak.

Cersei tells Ellaria that she will have to witness her daughter slowly die from the effects of the poison. She will then be forced to stay in the cell with her daughter’s remains for the rest of her days.