Game of Thrones: 10 biggest moments from ‘The Queen’s Justice’

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1. The Lannisters outwit their foes but Olenna drops a bomb

Tyrion and Daenerys had a great plan to take Casterly Rock. Assuming it to be heavily guarded, they’d send warriors in through the sewers for a surprise attack. It works, but there aren’t nearly as many Lannisters there as they had figured. And while Greyworm and his men had taken Casterly Rock, they see that Euron Greyjoy’s men laid fire to all of their ships.

Olenna Tyrell is about to find out the answer to where the rest of the Lannisters were. Jaime leads an army of Lannisters straight to her doorstep, taking over rather easily. Jaime tells Olenna over a drink that Casterly Rock wasn’t worth anything to Cersei anymore, so it was easier to just let Daenerys take it.

Jaime isn’t the monster his sister is though, and tells Olenna she can die in a much more peaceful way than Cersei would have preferred. The Kingslayer gives her a poison, informing her that it will kill her without pain. Knowing this end is better than another, she downs the drink, but before she dies, she has a bombshell to drop on Jaime.

Olenna reveals to Jaime that it was her that ordered Joffrey’s execution. The poison that killed Joffrey was a result of Olenna’s wishes, and not Tyrion. The exile of Tyrion from the family, which is coming back to really bite Cersei on the rear end, was all for nothing. Jaime rushes out of the room before the poison even takes Olenna, with her final words to him being to tell Cersei what she said.

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