Chelsea Handler: Donald Trump Jr. is ‘World’s Worst Junior’

Photo: Netflix
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Chelsea Handler is accusing Donald Trump Jr. of being the very worst Junior of them all, bringing shame to all of the other Juniors of the world.

Not a fan of Donald Trump’s chip of the old block, Donald Trump Jr.? Boy, have we got the video for you!

In recent weeks, we’ve been learning more and more about President Trump’s namesake, and let’s just say it isn’t good. There’s not much to like about the guy, and the digger you deep into finding out more about him, that feeling only grows. I’m finding myself already missing the days when I had no idea who in the hell Donald Jr. even was.

For a segment posted on the YouTube channel of her Netflix series Chelsea, host Chelsea Handler is getting in on the Don Jr. bashing. In a video simply called “World’s Worst Juniors”, the president’s son is completely and utterly destroyed. It all leads into officially labeling Donald Trump Jr. as the World’s Worst Junior.

The clip begins by talking about some other famous Juniors, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It then gets into Don Jr., and how this guy is bringing shame to every other Junior in the world. He’s colluded with Russians and killed exotic animals just for kicks, but the video still says his worst act is sullying the name Junior for everyone. The faux goal of the video aims to “strip” the Junior title out of Don Jr.’s name.

You can watch the hilarious video below!

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