Better Call Saul: Where’s Michael McKean’s Emmy nomination?

Better Call Saul - Photo via AMC
Better Call Saul - Photo via AMC /

Better Call Saul is certainly getting some love at the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards, but there’s still the baffling omission of a nom for Michael McKean.

Looking at the list of this year’s Emmy nominations, it makes me so joyous to see the love for Better Call Saul. The Breaking Bad spin-off series is only getting better and better, with top notch acting and superb writing. All of the nominations it has racked up are certainly very well deserved.

Still, there’s an omission from the list of noms that is just so baffling that it’s painful. I’m seeing names like Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks, both fantastic actors, sure — but where’s the nomination for the man who plays Saul’s older brother Chuck McGill?

Fans of the show can agree that Michael McKean’s Chuck is one of the most compelling TV characters we’ve seen in years. A huge part of that is owed to McKean, who plays the part so extremely well. He does the role so well, in fact, that dare I say he’s the best performer on the series (which is saying a LOT).

Nobody else could play this part the way McKean does.

So why isn’t Michael McKean on the list of nominations? If you ask me, his role as Chuck should make him a shoe-in. McKean not only deserves a nomination, but an Emmy win. What gives?

I guess the Emmys are known for having significant snubs every year. Still, this is one of the most painful that I’ve felt in years. McKean is one of the best actors on television today — whether the Emmys recognizes that or not.