Gotham: Batman villain Professor Pyg to appear in Season 4

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The demented serial killer Professor Pyg from the Batman comic books and video games will next be heading to the small screen for FOX’s Gotham.

It looks like the next season of Gotham is going to be even more demented.

For the past three seasons, the brutality of the villains on the FOX series has only gotten worse. The series isn’t afraid to push the envelope, taking the show into some pretty dark places at times. But if this news is any indication, things are only going to get uglier in Season 4.

Courtesy of ScreenRant, I can now report that the villain “Professor Pyg” will be appearing next season. For those unaware with this newer villain in the franchise, I’ll sum him up for you. This lunatic is a serial killer whose trademark is wearing a distinctive pig mask. Just taking one look at the guy would horrify anyone, especially when we’ll get to see him in live action on the show.

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via DC /

What Professor Pyg does is affix masks to his victims, then being able to subject them to his mind control. He refers to them as his “Dollotrons.” It’s pretty creepy stuff, and I’m curious to see how they’ll incorporate all of this into his live action debut on Gotham.

Now that Bruce Wayne is personally cleaning up the streets of Gotham City, it’s very well possible that Pyg is one of his first foes. Talk about a horrible way to be introduced into the world of crime fighting.

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Gotham will premiere its fourth season on September 28, only on FOX.