Is Saturday Night Live on tonight, July 22nd?

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC /

It’s Saturday, July 22nd, and you are looking to see if there is going to be an all new episode of Saturday Night Live premiering on NBC tonight.

You’re here, which means you want to know the answer to the question above. Well let’s get right to it then, shall we? I’ll give you the news… just be aware that it isn’t good news.

What I’m saying is that NO, there won’t be any new episodes of Saturday Night Live on tonight. Melissa McCarthy won’t be on NBC reprising her role as Sean Spicer to poke fun at his stepping down from his role as the White House press secretary.

Why? Because SNL is currently on its summer hiatus. It has concluded its previous season and is not set to return until this fall. Judging from previous seasons, we can expect new episodes to return around early October.

By then, Spicer will be ancient news. But I’m sure McCarthy will still find someone else to make a mockery out of to the delight of all of us watching at home. Now that she’s officially a member of the Five Timers Club, we can expect more appearances from her coming up, including at least a couple hosting gigs!

So, we don’t have any new episodes of Saturday Night Live to look forward to tonight. That’s alright, just try to enjoy this hot summer night in some other way. Before you know it, the summer will be over, and the crew at SNL will be back on TV again!