Chelsea Handler makes farewell tribute video for Sean Spicer

via Chelsea / Twitter
via Chelsea / Twitter /

As soon as the news broke about Sean Spicer leaving his role as the White House press secretary, Chelsea Handler mocked his exit with a farewell video.

Sean Spicer may be gone as press secretary, but his idiocy won’t soon be forgotten!

Earlier today, the news broke that the Spice man had officially stepped down as the press secretary for the White House. Really, the only surprise here is that it didn’t happen sooner. Spicer was almost as bad at his job as President Donald Trump is at his.

Though Spicer was awful, making fun of him somehow made his televised humiliations worth it. He had been a prime target for every comedian, notably Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live. But the lovable lunatic is apparently going to be missed by Chelsea Handler as well.

Taking to the Chelsea twitter account, Handler released an “In Memoriam” video on the brief tenure of Sean Spicer. Really, it’s just a montage of some of Spicer’s dumbest and most embarrassing moments. It all concludes with a message from Handler to Spicer, bidding farewell to her “Spicy Little Baked Potato.”

You can watch the full video clip in the embedded tweet below.

Spicer never cared for any of the comedians making fun of him, going so far as to claim he was sleeping by the time SNL was airing. Perhaps he won’t have to deal with it so much anymore, but it’s fun to see Chelsea giving him one last one on his way out.