‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere: 10 Key Moments

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8. Euron Greyjoy proposes marriage to Queen Cersei

In the time following the death of her last surviving child, Cersei has already gotten comfortable back in her position of power. Her brother (and on/off lover?) is only brushed off when he tries to talk to her about Tommen. It’s clear there are still some tensions between the two.

What a time for Euron Greyjoy to come into the picture. After murdering his own brother, Euron has become the leader of House Greyjoy. He could be a potential ally to the Lannisters, and they are badly in need of more men on their side. But is the man trustworthy?

Right in front of Jaime, Euron proposes marriage to Cersei. The man is confident as hell, clearly, and is going for broke. But Cersei is quick to decline the offer, noting she has no reason to place any trust in the man.

For that, Euron agrees, and understands that he is going to have to prove himself to the Lannisters before they can get in bed together (metaphorically and literally). But curiously, Euron also says he’s going to bring them a “gift” to show his loyalty. Who knows what that will be, but it can’t be good.