Jon Stewart crashes Jimmy Kimmel Live, takes over show

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC /

The legendary Jon Stewart stepped out of retirement last night to take over Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, right in the middle of an interview.

Jon Stewart may be retired… but he can still take over any late night show anytime he wants, because nobody’s going to tell him no!

Such was the case last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. On the program, host Jimmy Kimmel began conducting an interview with the “Bar Mitzvah Kid”. The spot was going well, when none other than freaking JON STEWART steps out from the backstage area, walking right to the center of the screen. And with that, Stewart had all but taken over the show for the brief time he was on it!

Stewart jumps straight into the interview with the Bar Mitzvah Kid, noting that Stewart himself is also Jewish. He ribs the boy for not naming him as his favorite talk show host. “You could have gone with a Jew, is all I’m saying,” he says. At that point, Stewart makes it clear he is taking over the interview, whether Kimmel likes it or not.

Kimmel can only stand there and laugh as Stewart continues to convince the kid not to trust him. He reminds him not to be fooled by Kimmel’s beard and those puffy, sad eyes, because “he’s not Rabbinical — “he’s just unhealthy.”

After ribbing Kimmel a little more, Stewart steps back off the stage, proving that he can do what he wants whenever he wants on any other late night show. You can watch the amazing surprise appearance from Stewart in the video below.

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You never know where you’ll see Stewart popping up next! But as for Jimmy Kimmel, you can always count on seeing him on your TV set every weeknight. Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. EST on ABC!