Jennifer Aniston hates Chelsea Handler, and now we know why

Former friends Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston have apparently had a falling out, and we have learned why the two are no longer BFFs.

Don’t expect to see Jennifer Aniston as a guest on Chelsea!

In years past, Aniston and Chelsea Handler had clearly been pretty close. The former Friends actress and the hilarious talk show host had been photographed together on many occasions, always talking the other one up in interviews. Then, suddenly, the two began steering clear of each other like the plague. What happened?

RadarOnline has learned the supposed reason behind the split behind these formerly close buddies. Aniston believes that Handler had been talking about her behind her back, revealing secrets about her marriage to those who shouldn’t know about it. The publication’s source claims Aniston freaked out after learning of Handler’s alleged crap-talking, and no longer wanted anything to do with her.

Is this Aniston’s final ever appearance on Handler’s show?

After the Handler and Aniston friendship split, Aniston ordered her publicist, Stephen Huvane, to drop Handler as a client. Huvane obliged, as he no longer represents Handler. This lends credence to these reports behind the apparent feud between these two famous ladies. But I guess sometimes, Hollywood seems not very much different than high school.

Aniston probably won’t be watching any episodes of Chelsea anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t! New episodes of Handler’s talk show premiere every Friday on the Netflix streaming service.