Stephen Colbert mocks Sean Spicer for banning all cameras

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With Sean Spicer disallowing cameras to record his White House press briefings, Stephen Colbert took to The Late Show to heavily mock him for it.

Somebody check Sean Spicer’s blood pressure after he finds out about this video. He’s definitely not going to like it!

From the start, Spicer has been a total disaster as Donald Trump’s press secretary. He usually hurts things much more than he helps them, and is seen by the whole country as a joke. Infamously, Melissa McCarthy mocked him regularly on Saturday Night Live because he makes such easy fodder.

In an attempt to cut down on some of this hate, Spicer has been banning cameras at his press briefings. Maybe the guy thought he could cut down on some of the backlash if people didn’t have video of the absolutely crazy things he says. But that’s still not going to work, as Spicer is still getting mocked by comedians like Stephen Colbert.

For a Late Show segment, Colbert presented a video of an alleged recording before a Spicer press conference. The parody video has a man first come up to the podium to lay out some new “ground rules” for how the briefings were now going to work. He starts by clarifying that there will be transcripts, but they’ll only be in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. And things only get sillier from there.

You can watch the segment in the YouTube video below.

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