Bill Maher butchers Donald Trump in new Real Time monologue

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On last night’s Real Time on HBO, Bill Maher verbally destroyed President Donald Trump over the complete disaster he calls a health care bill.

Last night on Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher opens up his new Real Time monologue by talking about the recent special elections in Georgia. His beef with Republicans not withstanding, Maher also expresses his frustration in the other side. The Real Time host is just getting tired of seeing Democrats losing elections to Republicans, because as he says, “the wrong people are in power.”

But then Maher goes into the big news coming out of the week, which is the newest incarnation of Trumpcare. The new GOP healthcare bill has had its details kept completely behind closed doors, to the point where even many Republicans had no clue what was in it. It seems the new strategy for President Trump and his crones was to try to keep the bill’s details private while they rushed it through. “Like me after the show, it was hashed out behind closed doors,” Maher jokes.

Maher then goes into a tirade on just how cruel and terrible this health care bill really is, comparing it to “a manifesto from the Zodiac Killer.” The Real Time host talks about its insane details, such as dropping Obamacare provisions and Medicaid for children, seniors, and the poor. The real kicker seems to be the push to totally get rid of Planned Parenthood.

“No more gynecological exams, although Trump says he is still available to grab p*ssies,” Maher cracks.

You can watch the full monologue in the YouTube video embedded below.

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Nobody grills Trump and his equally idiotic allies quite as hard as Bill Maher. But if you ask me, the ma is doing God’s work! So let’s support him by watching his show every Friday night when Real Time airs on HBO.