Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo make hilarious Coke parody ad

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Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live stars in an all new parody ad for Coca-Cola, sharing some ice cold Coke with his buddies.

Should Guillermo be Coca-Cola’s new official spokesperson?

By now, you’ve seen that cute little gimmick Coke likes to do with their soda products. Encouraging those buying the Coke to share it with certain people, they’ll often have actual names on the cups or bottles. “Share a Coke with Jeremy” one might say, if you’re looking to find one to give to me.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the one and only Guillermo starred in a new parody ad for Coke, which touches on those slogans about sharing. Set in a McDonald’s restaurant, Guillermo gets four meals with Cokes, bringing them all to his table.

Holding a cup that says to share the Coke with his “crew”, Guillermo offers the beverage to his friends. Then we can see his buddy (Guillermo in a different outfit) asking for a Coke, to which the first Guillermo offers him one — sharing it with his “bro”. It only continues from there, revealing alternate Guillermos to be sitting at the table. And each one of them gets their own Coke, because of that silly little message they put on the cups.

You can watch the ad in full in the YouTube video below.

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