Bill O’Reilly is planning a comeback with a video newscast

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After his controversial exit as a top guy at Fox News, the ousted Bill O’Reilly is now plotting his return via his own newscast.

Earlier this year, we saw the great fall from outspoken conservative Bill O’Reilly. In the wake of sexual harassment allegations, O’Reilly found himself losing sponsors left and right. With more threatening to take their ad money away, Fox was left with little choice but to cut their ties with the O’Reilly Factor host.

Still, O’Reilly maintains his innocence, as well as some of his die-hard supporters that continue to follow him. He had no interest in retiring after his dismissal, taking to podcasts to keep broadcasting his opinions. O’Reilly is also doing a tour he’s calling “The Spin Stops Here”, the first stop of which he had the other day.

At that first stop, O’Reilly revealed that he is working on plans for a newscast comeback, as THR reports. O’Reilly claims that he and his team are “experimenting” with a 30 minute long newscast. However, as you can expect, he didn’t have many more details than that to divulge.

As of now, it’s not known whether this experimental newscast would wind up on TV or on computers only. The THR article notes the problems with O’Reilly staying online, as his core audience (typically in their 70s) don’t spend a lot of time on the computer. Trying to launch a digital issue with his brand seems like a recipe for disaster.

Trevor Noah tells the story pretty well.

Bill’s best bet is to strike a new deal with another right-leaning network. And that seems to be the goal O’Reilly is heading for, as well. Being limited to the internet has to be infuriating for him, and he’s no doubt doing all he can to get another TV deal.

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Ultimately, we will see if O’Reilly manages to worm his way back onto television. But let’s hope not. I’m already getting used to having him gone.