Jared Kushner finally reveals his voice on television

Jared Kushner - Courtesy of Fox News
Jared Kushner - Courtesy of Fox News /

Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s seemingly-mute son-in-law and White House adviser, has finally revealed that he can speak by doing so on television.

There are a lot of things we don’t know about Jared Kushner. The first of which is probably how he managed to be named as one of Donald Trump’s advisers, despite having no qualifications. Then again, I suppose there’s not really a mystery there — Trump does like to help his rich buddies out (unlike the rest of us).

Perhaps the bigger mystery concerning Kushner is actually his voice. He is infamously known for never, ever speaking. Jimmy Fallon even poked fun at it when he portrayed Kushner on Saturday Night Live, refusing to say a word. Can the guy even talk? Nobody really seemed to know for sure.

Well, Kushner himself has finally solved the mystery. He has gone on television to publicly make some kind of announcement. I’m not even sure what the announcement is — I’m still in awe over finally hearing what the guy sounds like. For myself and so many others, this is literally the first time Kushner has shown what he sounds like.

You can watch the footage of Kushner speaking in the YouTube video below, if you want to hear what the mysterious man’s voice actually sounds like.

I’ve got be honest and admit that hearing his voice is a bit anti-climactic. Not that I was really expecting something different. It’s not like he was going to turn out to sound like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget. I guess keeping it a mystery was so much more entertaining than actually listening to the guy.

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Now that I have heard Kushner speak, the curiosity is no longer there. With that said, I find myself realizing there is no other possible reason I’d want to hear from him again. Let’s hope the quiet guy goes back to not speaking, for the betterment of all of us.