When does Better Call Saul season 4 premiere?

Credit: AMC
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Better Call Saul has just completed its third season, leaving fans of the Breaking Bad spinoff to wonder when Saul Goodman will be back on TV.

Season 3 is already over? That’s definitely not all good, man!

Better Call Saul is, simply put, one of the best shows currently on television. While not as action-packed as its parent series Breaking Bad, it’s arguably more well-written. The characters are compelling and the storylines have really been drawing me in. Season 3 has certainly been the best season of the series thus far, and I’m already yearning for more.

So how long will it be until Better Call Saul comes back? It’s hard to say with 100% certainty that it even will return. As of now, AMC has not renewed the show for another season. But the Emmy-nominated series has been getting so good, that putting a sudden stop to it now would be a tremendous travesty.

Assuming the show is coming back (and it damn well better), we can also presume it will be ten episodes. Looking at its release pattern, we can also make our best guess as to when the show might be back on AMC. Season 1 premiered on February 8, 2015; Season 2 premiered on February 15, 2016; and Season 3 premiered on April 10, 2017.

Although Season 3 came out a bit later than those before it, it’s only a two month difference between them. One could easily assume Season 4 would premiere sometime between early February and early April, based on these patterns. Typically, however, the premiere date is usually closer to the season before it.

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After tonight, there won’t be a new Better Call Saul in a long time. That’s what we know for sure. It’s going to be a painful wait, considering how fantastic Season 3 has been. Stay tuned for further updates as I’ll be keeping an eye on its progress.