Chelsea Handler offers Father’s Day advice for Ivanka Trump

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Noticing how Ivanka Trump always skips town when her dad does something terrible, Chelsea offered some Father’s Day advice to the First Daughter.

This is very sound advice. Let’s just hope Ivanka is actually watching!

When Donald Trump somehow managed to get inside the Oval Office, many American women were afraid. For many, they were placing their hopes on Trump’s favorite daughter Ivanka to set her maniac father straight. Hopefully, whenever he was about to do something awful, the seemingly more level-headed Ivanka would talk him out of it.

As many of us have noticed, having Ivanka around hasn’t made the Donald any less of a tyrant. Chelsea Handler seems to be just as frustrated us all of us (if not more so), as she reveals on her Netflix series Chelsea. With Father’s Day fast approaching, Chelsea took to the show to offer some blunt advice for Ivanka.

“Your father isn’t normal,” Chelsea explains, further adding that she understands where Ivanka is coming from. “I know this because my father isn’t normal either. He’s also a crazy, narcissistic bullshit artist, who just like your father, probably has syphilis.”

But the verbal lashing doesn’t end there. After comparing their fathers a bit more, Chelsea presents a two-step plan to fix Ivanka’s “dementia-ridden fat father problem”. The first step is to put the man into a nursing home. And the second step, says Chelsea, is even simpler: just “walk away”.  If only we could all be so lucky.

You can watch Chelsea tell it like it is in the video below.

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You’ve got to love the brutal honesty of Chelsea’s opinions, and that’s a big part of what makes her show so great. New episodes of Chelsea drop every Friday on Netflix, so be sure to tune on Fridays for more.