Donald Trump makes himself the star of someone else’s wedding

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On The Late Show last night, Stephen Colbert brought up the story of Donald Trump crashing a couple’s wedding and apparently making it about himself.

Whom would be the worst possible unwanted wedding guest to randomly show up at your reception? For me, it would be President Donald J. Trump. As we all know, the Trumpster has a tendency to make things about himself. If he’d show up at my wedding, it’s guaranteed he’d try to hog the spotlight.

This was the situation for a couple having a reception at one of Trump’s golf clubs. So maybe they weren’t as bothered as I’d be having Trump show up — they’re celebrating at his course, after all. But I wonder how they felt about Trump making their entire ceremony completely about himself?

Stephen Colbert brought this story up last night on The Late Show. At a recent wedding, Trump himself happened to show up at a couple’s wedding reception “Every wedding has a best man, but only a select few have a worst man,” he jokes about the situation, receiving a huge ovation from the audience.

Colbert spoke about learning about the story from awkward photos on Instagram. He then talks about Trump’s way of involving himself, which includes giving the bride a hug and kiss after she came running out. “Why is she running?” Colbert asks, miming groping movements with his hands.

You can watch the bit in the YouTube video below.

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