Katy Perry’s ‘Backpack Kid’ from SNL shoots goat in eye

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC /

That “Backpack Kid” from Katy Perry’s performance on Saturday Night Live is in hot water after posting a video online of himself shooting a goat in the eye.

I guess this boy’s fifteen minutes of fame is already over.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about, I’ll backtrack a little bit. On the Season 42 finale of Saturday Night Live on NBC, Katy Perry served as the musical guest. During her performance, a young boy with a backpack came onto the stage and did some funky dance maneuvers.

It was admittedly very unusual to see. That kid no doubt had people talking about him by water coolers everywhere over the next few days. After making such an impact with such a small appearance, who knows, maybe we could have seen this dancing backpack-wearing boy showing up in other places on TV.

He had been getting national attention since the show.

Now, it looks like any potential shot at turning to a star is now kaput, courtesy of TheBlemish. Not understanding that animal cruelty is something that’s terrible, the kid — Russell Horning — posted a very strange video on Instagram. Apparently, the clip shows Horning using a gun to shoot a freaking goat in the eye.

After people starting calling him out, Horning deleted the video, then denied its existence. The internet remembers everything, however, and other people are reuploading the video online. Forced to confess, Horning posted an “apology video”, in which he says he’s sorry, but the goat is totally fine. He adds that the goat is “just afraid of humans”, as if that’s sufficient reason to torture an animal.

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It seems like Horning’s fall is happening even faster than his rise. But this kind of behavior shouldn’t be tolerated. If you’re so inclined to see the video yourself, you can watch a copy of it at Daily Motion.