14 ‘Breaking Bad’ characters on ‘Better Call Saul’

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9. Don Hector Salamanca

It’s hard not to remember Hector Salamanca on Breaking Bad. In a wheelchair and mute, we never got quite the full story as to how he got that way on the show. What’s certain is that he has a deep, long-running feud with Gus Fring, but the inner workings of which have always been a mystery.

Of course, that is until now. Taking place years before Breaking Bad, the Hector Salamanca we see on Better Call Saul is much different. He can speak just fine and walks with no issues. Whatever problems he has on the main series, Hector has yet to experience them in the spin-off.

Saul has been exploring the feud between Gus and Hector, helping viewers understand why things are so personal between them. Knowing the explosive end they will eventually have together, it really makes their interactions this far in the past very interesting. We can only assume we will come to find out what places Hector in a wheelchair, but I’d bet Gus is involved.