14 ‘Breaking Bad’ characters on ‘Better Call Saul’

Breaking Bad - Credit: AMC
Breaking Bad - Credit: AMC /
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10 & 11. Leonel and Marco Salamanca (The Cousins)

We’ve got a two-fer here. While Breaking Bad had tons of memorable villains, the murderous Salamanca twins certainly stand out. One of their most extreme violent acts involved beheading a man, Tortuga, and sticking his head on a turtle. Also arming the turtle with C4, it tricks the agents whom Tortuga had been working for into walking into a deadly trap. And that was just their first impression.

These silent brothers are just as deadly as they look, and nearly get the drop on Hank. However, in one of Hank’s best scenes from Breaking Bad, he narrowly saves himself. He blows a whole through Marco’s head and crushes Leonel’s legs. Soon after, Leonel would also perish in the hospital, thanks to Mike Ehrmantraut.

In Better Call Saul, Mike and Tuco have an altercation which gets Tuco arrested. The Salamanca family tries to intimidate Mike into having the charges dropped by having the Cousins threaten him. While with his granddaughter Kaylee at a swimming pool, one of the sinister twins points her, threatening her life should Mike not comply.