14 ‘Breaking Bad’ characters on ‘Better Call Saul’

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13. Mike Ehrmantraut

This is something that most Breaking Bad fans should already know, even if they’ve never seen Better Call Saul. Mike is a fan favorite from the original Vince Gilligan series and has been featured prominently in Saul promotional materials. Indeed, along with Saul (Jimmy) himself, Mike is one of the stars of the show. It’s safe to say many viewers consider him their favorite character.

We get a glimpse into Mike’s background in Saul, learning more about him. His character progression since Season 1 of Saul has been fantastic. It all began with establishing how he came to meet Jimmy McGill (also known as Saul Goodman) and start the unusual relationship between the two. More recently, in Season 3, we’ve been seeing some great stuff concerning how he comes to meet Gus Fring and eventually start working for him.

Of course, there’s still a certain sadness that I can’t help but carry around when seeing new badass Mike moments. I know that no matter what, his story is going to end with Walter White shooting him with his own gun, just when he was about to get the hell out of dodge. Mike was no saint, but that’s still such a sad end for such a badass character.