14 ‘Breaking Bad’ characters on ‘Better Call Saul’

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3. Krazy-8

We’ve seen Walter White kill many unfortunate folks during the five season run of Breaking Bad. But Krazy-8’s death in the very first season is one of the most disturbing.

Let’s refresh your memory a little bit. After Walt cooks his first batch of meth, Jesse tries to sell it to Krazy-8. Noticing the quality, Krazy-8 and his partner Emilio force Jesse to take them to where he got the blue sky meth. Finding Walt, they believe him to be law enforcement, threatening to kill him. Walt and Jesse only survive when Walt mixes chemicals to create an explosion of gas, killing Emilio.

Krazy-8 survived the gas, but not knowing what to do with him, Walt and Jesse lock him up in a basement. Walter doesn’t want to get caught, but he struggles with the idea of murder, ultimately ending up strangling the drug dealer with a bike lock.

When we see a younger and more inexperienced Krazy-8 in Better Call Saul, he’s merely a rookie in the business. When his payment to Hector Salamanca is too light, Nacho beats the crap out of Krazy-8 to send him a message.