Kimmel mocks Donald Trump rubbing that glowing orb

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Jimmy Kimmel spoke about Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia where he awkwardly rubbed a glowing orb, and hilariously mocks him for it.

All of the late night comedians have been talking about Donald Trump’s awkward visit to Saudi Arabia. For his part, Jimmy Kimmel took to Jimmy Kimmel Live to share his thoughts. He gets into the bizarre ceremony Trump took part in with the Egyptian and Saudi leaders.

Showing video footage, Kimmel laughs about Trump making a big dramatic entrance. With the other two foreign leaders, he places his hands on an odd, glowing orb. Kimmel refers to the whole ordeal as the strangest thing he has ever seen a president do.

Joking about the possible after effects of Trump’s orb-rubbing, Kimmel follows up with another video. This shows an apparently possessed, evil Trump speaking about how great the orb is. Through his glowing mouth, Trump talks about how “The orb has spoken. The orb is all. Such a fantastic orb.” Of course, he moves on to talk about being “bathed in fire” and it’s just a scary thing to try and imagine.

Meanwhile, at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, a sinkhole has been forming in the ground. As Trump calls this his “Winter White House”, could this be related to the president? The camera zooms in on the sinkhole, and then we see a familiar orb reveal itself as the culprit.

You can watch the segment for yourself in the video below.

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