Stephen Colbert calls Donald Trump an act of cruelty

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Over the weekend, Stephen Colbert had a candid interview about Donald Trump, and he was brutally honest about the ‘scary’ president.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, President Donald Trump certainly takes a lot of heat. Colbert is always in “joke mode” on the show, never letting up on mocking the president. But if Stephen is “on” while filming the show, how much of those anti-Trump feelings are genuine?

Yesterday, Colbert spoke with Frank Rich at Vulture Fest to have a candid talk about Trump (per The Daily Beast). The Late Show host admits that he’s still reeling from the results of that election night in November. Colbert mentions that while it was a “raw experience”, it definitely gave him tons of material for the show.

Interestingly, Colbert describes the show’s use of humor as a way for the American people to cope with Trump’s insanity. He recalls telling his staffers that their job now has a purpose. Describing themselves as an “emotional release valve”, Colbert says their job is to make people feel better every day about this terrible thing.

It all comes from the heart, too, representing Colbert’s real feelings. He notes that when they’re writing the opening monologue, he always has to ask himself, “Am I expressing how I feel?” Maybe he’s spicing it up with hilarious jabs at the president, but the digs at Trump do represent his real feelings on the Trumpster.

Still, Colbert insists that what’s “scariest” about Trump is that he’s so unpredictable. “It’s not that I disagree with him, it’s that I don’t know what the f-ck he thinks,” as Colbert himself puts it. The silver lining for Colbert is the material Trump gives him, noting that if “you can put aside your concern for the country, as a performer it’s great.”

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Throughout the lengthy interview, Colbert takes several more honest jabs at President Trump. This includes calling him things like “act of cruelty” and “redolent turd”. It’s truly a compelling interview and you can read the rest at The Daily Beast.