Stephen Colbert says Bob Mueller is Trump’s worst nightmare

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS /

Stephen Colbert spoke about Donald Trump’s new special counsel leading the investigation into his Russian ties, saying he’s Trump’s worst nightmare.

Whether or not he’s guilty, it’s clear President Trump wanted the investigation into him to end. He publicly named it as part of the reason for firing FBI Director James Comey. But even with Comey out the door, the investigation is far from over, and could in fact be even worse for the president.

Recently, news broke about a new special counsel being named in the investigation. This would be former FBI Director Bob Mueller. His credentials are incredible, and he has unanimous support from both Republicans and Democrats. He’s as impartial as one can get, so if Trump is guilty, this could be very bad news for him.

Stephen Colbert says as much on last night’s The Late Show, kicking off the program with the news. Colbert literally calls Mueller President Trump’s worst nightmare, adding, “because he’s a competent adult and owes him nothing, and I’m guessing has not seen The Apprentice.

However, Colbert notes that Trump shouldn’t be surprised. After all, he’s just following through on one of his campaign promises from the debates. For effect, Colbert plays a mashed-up clip of Donald Trump threatening “himself” with prosecution. “If I win,” Trump states, “I am going to instruct my Attorney General to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.”

All the while, the other Trump in the debate just makes goofy, dumbfounded faces. “He’s a man of his word,” Colbert mentions. You can watch the hilarious bit for yourself in the video below.

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We’ll ultimately see what happens with this Bob Mueller situation. But having a special counsel assigned to look into the president just over a hundred days in certainly doesn’t look good.