SNL Weekend Update tackles James Comey firing

Credit: NBC
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Colin Jost and Michael Che took aim at the James Comey situation, among other issues, in last night’s Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live.

Just when you think things can’t get any crazier in the United States, they somehow do. And that’s how the new Weekend Update on last night’s SNL begins. “I know most of us think this every week, but this week was crazy,” Jost says at the start of the segment. Indeed.

Right away, Jost gets into the Tuesday firing of FBI Director James Comey. He talks about Donald Trump coming out to take the credit himself for the termination, saying Comey wasn’t doing a good job. “Adding, for example, I’m still president,” Jost quotes Trump as saying.

Jost then brings up President Trump’s reported shock at people being angry about him firing the guy investigating him. “How did Trump not realize that was suspicious?” he asks. “I mean, if a drug sniffing dog came up to your bag at the airport, and your response was to shoot the dog, people would really wonder what’s in that bag.”

Michael Che jumps in to talk about the fiasco. He talks about how everything Trump does seems like it’s from the “trailer of a wacky movie.” Che jokes that Trump headlines should always come with a record scratch and a fun song. As an example, Che says in the movie trailer voice, “This week President Trump halts the FBI investigation by firing — *record scratch* — the head of the FBI?!” James Brown music then starts playing, proving just how ridiculous it all really is.

The Weekend Update co-anchors then joke about other issues involving Sean Spicer, Betsy DeVos, and Willie Nelson. Pete Davidson also comes to the desk to talk about how “boring” it is to quit drugs. You can watch the entire video below.

The Weekend Update has always been one of my favorite parts of SNL. It once again delivered last night. Che and Jost are great.