Melissa McCarthy does best Sean Spicer impression yet

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Melissa McCarthy brought back Sean Spicer on last night’s Saturday Night Live, and it’s the most hilarious one she’s done yet.

We knew Melissa McCarthy would be bringing back Sean Spicer on last night’s new episode of Saturday Night Live. The White House press secretary had been getting ripped in the media after being caught hiding in the bushes. There was no way McCarthy wasn’t going to mock Spicer for it, and she definitely delivers!

In a new skit for the show, Sarah Huckabee Sanders walks up to the podium saying she’s filling in for Sean that day as he couldn’t be there. However, reporters notice him hiding in the bushes outside of a window. Sanders writes it off as just part of a “naval exercise”.

Reporters can’t help but ask Sanders (beg her, really) to take over Spicer’s position full time. This brings out an angry Spicer, who attacks one of them with a fire extinguisher. The testy Spicer then shoves Sanders away from the podium, taking on questions from the press himself.

After a heated exchange with the reporters, Spicer declares the press interview over, and rolls out of the room on the motorized podium. It then shows footage of McCarthy as Spicer riding the podium through the streets of New York. Sad music plays as Spicer laments the rumors of Sanders actually replacing him full time. “I can’t go back to the navy, I can’t swim!” Spicer shouts.

The skit culminates in Spicer tracking President Trump (Alec Baldwin) down at a golf course to talk to him. Spicer confronts Trump about his potential firing, but the two end up literally making out.

You can watch the entire skit in the video below.

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We will see if Spicer ends up actually getting the boot. If he does, there will be a certain sadness in not seeing McCarthy mocking him on SNL.