Trevor Noah dissects James Comey’s suspicious firing

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FBI Director James Comey’s sudden firing looks incredibly suspicious for the GOP, and Trevor Noah perfectly explains why on The Daily Show.

It’s safe to say that most of us can’t help but question the real story behind James Comey’s firing. President Trump giving him the boot during an FBI investigation is suspect, to say the least. Trump’s excuse that he’s doing it to defend Hillary Clinton only makes him look more suspicious.

But nobody can put it all into words as well as The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah. There are just so many things shady about this story, and Noah took the time to fully explain why. I can’t say it’s eye opening, because nothing here is exactly surprising. But Noah’s take down should make even the biggest Trump supporter question their president, if they took the time to listen to it.

To start, Noah jokes that this is Trump getting revenge for helping Trump win the election, getting him a job he never really wanted. But then Noah gets serious, diving into the whole shady story. It’s noted how highly unusual this is — only once before has the president taken such an action.

Noah takes aim at Trump’s claim that Comey’s firing is due to the Clinton email investigation. That directly contradicts several clips of Trump praising Comey for said investigation during the campaign. It’s “straight up bullsh-t”, as Noah can’t help but add, applying that same description to the rest of the story. The Daily Show host gets deep into the controversies plaguing the president, such as his Russia ties and the Michael Flynn situation.

It all seems to be the president’s attempt to destroy democracy, but Noah isn’t going to let it happen. Watch the entire take down below.

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Spinning the story has always been a Trump trademark. So it’s a good thing we’ve got people like Noah to help set the story straight.