SNL uploads unaired Bachelorette spoof with Chris Pine

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC /

Chris Pine filmed a parody ad for The Bachelorette while hosting SNL which was cut for time, but the full video is now on the web!

Star Trek actor Chris Pine did a fantastic job hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time. He has a talent for comedy some of his fans may not have known about. Perhaps this means we’ll be seeing more of Pine on the show in the future.

One of the highlights of the show would have to be Pine’s spoof of Star Trek: The Original Series. In the skit, Pine plays the classic version of Captain Kirk, the role originally played by William Shatner. Pine’s Shatner impression is spot on, and it was hilarious seeing the new Kirk poking fun at the classic one.

But that isn’t the only spoof Pine filmed for the show. He had also done a parody ad for The Bachelorette which was cut for time. Not letting the footage go to waste, SNL has just uploaded the full video to its official YouTube account.

Using the concept of the reality show featuring its “first black bachelorette”. The clip shows an African American bachelorette meeting her potential suitors, and plays on the awkwardness of how clueless white guys talk to black women. As soon as the first man she meets, a white guy, introduces himself, he makes sure to note he’s been with a black woman before — by which he means making out with one in a dark closet.

From there, the suitors only get worse, attempting to impress the woman but only looking more racist. The funniest one is Pine’s character, who goes all out wearing a dashiki and Kufi cap. You can watch the entire bit in the video below.

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It’s unfortunate this was cut, because it is really funny. Thank God for the internet.