Seth Meyers blasts Trump’s flip-flopping on Comey firing

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Donald Trump can’t seem to keep his story straight on why he fired James Comey, and Seth Meyers is taking a closer look at the embarrassment.

Who knows why Donald Trump thought he could get rid of his current problems by firing James Comey. By giving the boot to the FBI Director leading an investigation against Trump, the president hasn’t done himself any favors. All he’s succeeding at is making himself look more guilty, which all late night comics have been roasting him for.

Seth Meyers has already spoken about this breaking news, but the more you go into the story, the more humiliating it gets for Trump. In damage control mode, the president is spitting out whatever excuses he can come up with to justify the firing. Unfortunately, he can’t keep his story straight, and Meyers took “A Closer Look” at the fiasco on Late Night.

For starters, the day after the Comey firing, Trump met with two top Russian officials. Meyers reveals a series of photos of yakking it up with them. What’s very odd about the photos is how so very happy Trump seems in them — Meyers even shows how well together they go with the Cheers theme. But what’s more suspicious is that nobody really knows the details of the meeting or what it was about. It’s really odd, however, that one of them is the same guy Jeff Sessions claimed to not remember meeting with.

Meyers also spends some time dishing on other GOP embarrassments. This includes the already-infamous story of Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes to avoid the press. He also takes aim at Kellyanne Conway, who disappointed many by showing her face back on television again recently.

You can watch the entire take down below.

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