SNL slams Kellyanne Conway with parody game show

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With Kellyanne Conway seemingly missing, Saturday Night Live is spoofing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? to ask where she is.

Just because Kellyanne Conway hasn’t been showing her face as much in the media lately, don’t think SNL has forgotten about her. In fact, her recent time away from the cameras is the subject of a new sketch about her. You can run, Kellyanne, but you can’t hide!

The new skit is a spoof of the classic PBS game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? It even comes complete with an opening theme song, featuring some singing by Chris Pine. A title card shows Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne, decked out in Carmen Sandiego’s trademark red coat and hat.

As the “show” starts, two children gumshoes are brought out to play. They receive the proper grand introductions game show contestants normally would before they begin. The kids are set up in their proper positions behind their podiums, and it seems like the game is about to begin!

“Now, are you guys ready to find Kellyanne Conway?” asks the host, ready to kick off the proceedings. Puzzled, the two children look at each other, before responding with what the rest of us are thinking. “We don’t want to find her,” the little girl says, putting a quick end to the game.

“Okay… guess that’s our show!” the host responds, seeing no other choice but to wrap up. “Seven weeks in a row, and nobody wants to find that woman!”

You can watch the entire skit in the YouTube video below.

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If we’re lucky, Kellyanne can take the hint here and just stay hidden. But something tells me we can only be so lucky. Tragically, I’m sure she’ll be back before we know it.