Seth Meyers destroys GOP over disastrous Trumpcare bill

Credit: NBC
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House Republicans rushed a disastrous Obamacare repeal bill which will strip millions of Americans of healthcare, and Seth Meyers isn’t having it.

The pressure is on for President Trump to repeal Obamacare. Doing so quickly was one his biggest promises he had been making on the campaign trail. But despite his admission since that he apparently had no idea healthcare would “be so complicated”, he’s been increasing his efforts to put an end to Obamacare.

Unfortunately, the bill Trump rushed through the House is a total disaster. Literally millions of people will be affected by it in a negative way. The sad reality is it will lead to the suffering and deaths of those afflicted who find themselves losing their access to healthcare. Despite all of this, the bill managed to pass thanks to the Republican-controlled House.

Seth Meyers took to Late Night to talk about to take “A Closer Look” at this abomination of a bill. Meyers talks about how desperate Trump is to get his American Health Care Bill through, starting with rushing it through the House.

The Late Night host first pokes fun at Trump totally misunderstanding a famous metaphor from George W. Bush — the quote about there being “no corners to hide in” in the Oval Office. Trump at first agrees with the quote, apparently taking it literally, by pointing out how there are no actual corners in the room. As Meyers points out, how sad is it that Trump didn’t understand a metaphor made by freaking Dubya?!

From there, Meyers completely dismantles Trump and the House Republicans for supporting this disaster of an Obamacare replacement. Letting millions of people suffer just to pad Donald’s buddies pockets a little more seems like a raw deal for Americans. And even after kicking all of these people off, they still can’t promise prices for those who have it will be any cheaper, saying, “nobody really knows.”

“And when it comes to healthcare, I think all Americans want the comfort of not knowing,” Meyers sarcastically jokes. You can watch the entire clip in the video below.

The ball is now in the Senate’s court to strike this disaster down before it gets any further. Otherwise, God help us all!