Stephen Colbert offends with ‘homophobic’ Trump joke

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Stephen Colbert is facing some backlash from the public after telling a joke about Trump on The Late Show that some are perceiving as “homophobic”.

One of the biggest thorns in President Donald Trump’s orange-tinted side is certainly Stephen Colbert. The host of CBS’s The Late Show spends nearly every show poking fun at the commander-in-chief. He’s been at it for a very long time, and people come to expect Colbert to always rip on Trump.

However, on last night’s episode of the show, some are saying Colbert went too far. During his monologue, Colbert took aim at the president with a slew of heavy insults. With joke after joke coming out, Colbert’s roast was seemingly never-ending. But when he capped things off with a joke about Trump and Vladimir Putin’s relationship, Colbert managed to offend a lot of people.

The complaints only bring more attention to it.

The joke in question comes after a remark about comparing Trump to a “sing language gorilla that got hit in the head.” Colbert follows up with a comment about how the only thing Trump’s mouth is good for is “being Vladimir Putin’s c–k holster.” In the wake of this comment, people are now calling Colbert a homophobe, and several Twitter users began spreading the hashtag #FireColbert.

For what it’s worth, there’s a good chance most of these complaints are not coming straight from the LGBT community. Rather, it seems to be more about Trump supporters using it as an excuse to try to take Colbert down. Perhaps it’s all just payback for Bill O’Reilly’s ousting. In any case, despite the noise, it now looks like there’s more people defending Colbert than blasting him.

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I don’t see Colbert as a homophobe. The joke was only meant to offend Trump personally, and not the LGBT community. Ultimately, we’ll see if Colbert ends up addressing the controversy on The Late Show to explain as much himself.