Seth Meyers rips Trump over Civil War and much more

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Seth Meyers took to Late Night to completely eviscerate Trump over a slew of recent idiotic comments, including his ignorance about the Civil War.

Donald Trump is screwing up so often that Seth Meyers can’t seem to keep up. On Late Night, Meyers can spend entire segments talking about Trump’s gaffes of the day. Even then it would still feel like just scratching the surface.

Yesterday morning, Trump went on SiriusXM to talk about the Civil War. Curiously, he made several baffling comments to prove his ignorance on its history. The prez has been getting roasted over it in the media since, and Seth Meyers gave the best take down on last night’s Late Night.

For his “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers dives into Trump’s inane comments about the Civil War. This includes suggesting that nobody knows why there was ever a Civil War to begin with. In response to that, Meyers reads from a faux letter from a Civil War soldier to his girlfriend, playing along with Trump’s comment. “Dearest Elizabeth, I write to you from the front lines, where the Civil War rages on, for whatever reason,” it begins. The letter concludes with a shot at Trump’s claim that Andrew Jackson was angry about the Civil War, despite dying 16 years prior.

Meyers takes aim at several other dumb comments from the president made recently. This includes his infamous claim that he thought his previous job would be harder than being the POTUS. “You thought the presidency would be easier than being a game show host?” Meyers asks. “There’s a reason Abraham Lincoln is on the five dollar bill instead of Alex Trebek.”

In total, Meyers spends over 10 minutes totally eviscerating Trump. You can watch the entire take down below.

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For Americans unhappy with Donald Trump as POTUS, hilarious episodes of Late Night seem to be the silver lining.